Tayo joined Shift in 2016, after an eight stint in the commercial sector working as a freelancer, entrepreneur and most recently an Insight and Innovation Consultant at the global agency C Space.

She graduated from Brighton Uni in 2008 and from there slid straight into five years of freelance and venture building work focused on technology, telecoms and digital marketing. By 25 Tayo had co-founded two businesses. The first a copy writing service that used behavioural economics to help telcos like O2 and Alcatel Lucent to be more 'human' in their mobile marketing and the second a support network to help start ups to solve business challenges through collaboration.

Having spent the past eight years turning ideas and hunches into early stage businesses, she's excited to sink her teeth into meaty social issues helping Shift to launch new commercial ventures that deliver real impact and change. Her first role is to lead Shift's R&D to promote mental health in the first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two.

Tayo is partial to a good soy latte, ramen, solo travel and musicals (not necessarily in that order).

0207 490 0217

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